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Have= Prairie 700. nyroc exhaust mod, Dynojet jet kit, spark plug boot mod ( everyone should do this ), EPI clutch kit using pink spring, modded K&N with total of 3 napa hose mods strategically placed ( still capable of water crossing ), 155 front 158 back, size 51 pilots ( made the biggest difference ), flyweights balanced to 59 grams each, basic home spider mod got my 5 mph back.
Question= do yall recommend dynojet needles? have read some unflattering words on that.
Runs great at WOT, my favorite throttle position, but heats up if held at about one quarter to one third throttle and ridden for distance.
have tried moving shim on needle did not have any luck. any suggestions would be appreciated.
One last question, how was the diameter of the crossover intake tube determined?
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