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Engine or Carb. problem????

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I am looking at buying another mojave but there is a problem and i dont know what it is. The guy says it will start and run but once it is warmed up it dies and wont start. what is the problem with it and is it an easy inexpensive fix.
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It could also be that the valves are too tight. When they are adjusted right, they will make a ticking sound when running due to the clearance with the lifters. They get quiet when they tighten up.

Does it have the same result using the choke?
It is most certainly the valves sucking up into the head. Adjust the valves, restart, ride for awhile. Stop remove head and install Kibblewhite valves--reinstall and enjoy for evermore. J.Rob
check the gas cap , i had the vent in mine get plugged with mud and vapor lock it.
i had a bad plug that did that once
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