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I have Kawasaki Mule Pro-Fxt Ranch Edition that I purchased new on July 19, 2022. It now has about 170 miles and 17 hours on it. I observed break-in by the book and all of the first service fluid change work has been done. I did not pull the plugs and clean and regap.
The Mule is running great except for some engine pinging. I hear it only at lower speeds and it goes away after the engine gets warm. I assumed that the dealer likely filled the tank the first time with 87 octane fuel. So, for the first fill up, I went to my local Marathon station (where I buy all my gas) and put in 89 octane. It made very little difference. For the next fill up, I put in 93 octane. If anything, it is a little worse. The manual states that allowing this condition to continue can lead to sever engine damage.
I would appreciate any advice and/or diagnostic assistance.
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