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I swapped my factory springs out on the primary and secondary clutch over the weekend with the EPI springs (pink and yellow for me). I didn't know what to expect, but am beyond pleasantly surprised.

Overall the chore wasn't bad, outside of me breaking the snap ring on the secondary clutch and that costing me some time searching one down and going to pick it up the next morning. Primary clutch was a breeze, had to fab up a removal jig for the spring on the secondary but that wasn't hard at all.

Low end torque and power is better. Before with the stock springs my ride had a bit of a shimmy on takeoff. That's gone, much better on the lower end of the power spectrum from what I can tell. Put the new springs through their paces over the weekend out at my deer lease, didn't have to drop into low gear going through heavy mud and water on Saturday, and on Monday I had the buggy loaded down with 400lbs of feed, feeder, etc. and it plowed through with more power than before.

For $85, it's well worth the cost and the couple of hours it takes to remove the old springs and install the new ones.
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