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Exhaust Help

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I originally was going with a Yoshi exhaust, but my town got pretty lame and now there's a noise ordinance issued. Crotchety old people are complaining of the noise. My kfx400 has the spark arrest removed completely so it is pretty damn loud, basicly just a hollow muffler. If anyone has seen the inside you should get what I am saying. My brother has a 400ex and my buddy has an outlaw. They just removed the end caps with the spark arrest, which really isn't to loud. Now I need help finding an exhaust thats good and the sound isn't louder than just removing spark arrest. Also how much louder is a Yoshi? I was looking at the RS-3. Thanks for everyones help.
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The RS-3 Is a very good exhaust. HMF makes a great exhaust as well and they have quiet cores for sound regulations.You may check to see if Yosh has the quiet core as well.
Sounds good. Now are those quiet cores going to hurt performance? Thanks
No not enough to even really notice if they do.
I figured so. Thanks for the input.
I have yosh exhaust on my 450 and you can get a quiet core insert for it to get down to 94 db. I only put it in if the ranger starts pointing his finger. :D
I have a new KFX 400 Titanium full Muzzy for sale in the ads section.
I have a new KFX 400 Titanium full Muzzy for sale in the ads section.
Do you know what the db rating is? I am looking for exhaust for our 400
Muzzys told me 96 w/ QC & sparky in. Its new in box so I have never heard it.
Appreciate everyones input...Also how much you want for the exhaust??
kfx have you tried rockymountainatv? i just picked up a lexx slip on for 180 and they dont sound to bad check it out.
granted i dont think the kid knows what hes doing haha
do ALL mufflers make the same power? what is the difference tha tmakes one make more than the other? just the pipe am i righ?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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