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FAST wideband meter

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Anyone have any experience with one of these meters? They look to have alot of the same features my Innovate LM-2 had. I just sold my Innovate meter and im now out of a tuner. I'm not looking to buy one right now but I will be buying again in a few months. I've looked at these FAST meters before but wasn't sure about them. Any info anyone my have will be very helpful.
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I'm think of getting the dual sensor one.
this is the meter big kev uses, you might wanna PM him about it
I have never used a lm2, so don't know how they compare, but this (dual sensor) is the meter I use and works just fine.
it does the same thing as the LM-1.

the best one I've seen yet was the Dynojet with the 2 inch analog gauge. it's so easy to read. it has a sweeping pointer like a tachometer would. makes for easy tuning especially when you are riding the machine. the LCD display one gets hard to read if the sun is out due to the glare

well the good thing bout the FAST is it records and can be played back on the meter itself without having to hook it to a computer

i am gonna be running a mounted analog gauge on my bike though
I have both the lm-1 and Fast, never have had luck with the rpm crap on the Fast, whether using the pick up clamp or going directly to the tach output on the VDI.....always very erratic and pretty much useless..

the LM-1 was always a bitch having to use a serial cable, but am guessing that's taken care of with the LM-2. That was the only thing I didn't like about the LM-1
I had the FAST and I didn't like it. The one that came with the bike I bought from Mark has a dynojet wide band 2 and it works awesome.
Pipo is that the analog one?
Hmm looks like I wont spend the doe on the FAST meter then. There around $330 shipped for the single Oxygen Sensor kit.

The Dynojet wideband 2 looks rather interesting. Think ill do some research on it. Thanks for the input guys
02 sensor heated or not

For the 02 sensor do you need a heated one? Going on muzzy pro on brute 750
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