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few things for sale

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Ive got a few things for sale.

pair of prairie/brute sra hubs $40 shipped

new never used moose module for kawi v-twins (little one)$100 shipped (firm)

SOLD----EPI red secondary spring. $20 shipped.

SOLD----Epi Maroon primary spring $20 shipped.

Brute 650 sra cylinders and pistons 20hrs perfect condition $175 shipped

I will take trades also---I've got a 08 750 and an 08 650ish sra

I have pay pal.
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Pm sent on the maroon spring.
Money sent through paypal! Thanks
Great. Will ship out Monday afternoon.
Thank you
What's that RED secondary do different from a stock V secondary?
It tightens up the belt grip. It's more for 4x4's with big mud tires, to reduce belt slippage. takes away from the top end mph
moose mod sold

nobody needs any cylinders or hubs?
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