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Still had a few more things to do to the V, but since today was so nice, I threw the plastics on and finally took it out for a short ride (see if I could pizz the neighbors off ). First impresions:
1. It starts a lot easier with the 38's than the stock carbs & upp intakes. Turns over once or twice and fires right up. I noticed this the first time I started it with the new carbs. Still have to let it warm up for a few minutes, but it now starts easier than any quad I ever had.
2. Front wheels come off the ground really easy:D. Didn't really have too much room for a long WOT run, though, ran out of road too quick.
3. LTE's really are as loud as everyone says:eek:. Came on in and put it away a little earlier than usual (before the cops showed up - neighbors have called the law before:mad:)
4. The combination of an oil cooler, Fluidyne radiator, and Spal fan work really well. Fan only ran for a very short time after shutdown. I'll know a little more after a longer ride in hotter weather.
All in all, it was a pretty good afternoon. Got a little more tuning to do. Though I did hit a mud puddle that I hadn't noticed, now I've got to clean the V - can't have any mud on the bling:lol::p.
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