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Hey y'all,

First post; glad to be part of the group and a new (new again anyway) Kawie owner. 2022 Kawasaki Mule Pro FX EPS. Lots of great info on this forum, and the members seem to be courteous and anxious to help.

I've found a wealth of information on this site in reading the super common topics about tops and windshields, resulting in deciding to buy a Fortress Level 2 top and a Super ATV flip windshield.

Although, I question whether or not the two are compatible, and I can't find an answer anywhere online. I called both manufacturers, and as nice as they were, they were unable to confirm.

I've analyzed pictures of both from every angle possible, and I am confident the two are compatible when the windshield is closed. But I can't tell if there is room for clearance when the flipping of the windshield is in process. The Fortress top has a bit of an "eyebrow" that protrudes frontward 3-4" that may cause contact between the two.

Does anyone have these two products on the same machine? Thanks!
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