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Front differential rebuild.

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2004 3010 the pinion is loose and the seal is leaking. I ordered a kit to do a rebuild. The kit I ordered picture showed a caged needle bearing. But when the kit got here it didn’t have the caged needle bearing in it. Does the front differential use a gaged needle bearing?
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The pinion on the front diff has two bearings. They are both tapered roller bearings. They (as well as the seal) are available from any Bearing Supplies.
Can the pinion assembly be pulled out Without taking the differential out of the machine.
Ok the differential isn’t bad the front u-joint is bad and the splines on the yoke are wore. Got both ordered.
If the seal on the pinion yoke is leaking there is very little room to be able to replace it in situ.

In order to replace the front drive-shaft, three things:-
1. Replace the centre bearing as well. The centre bearing is just a standard bearing in a pillow block. Any Bearing Supplies will supply you with that bearing. Just replace it and use the same pillow block. You do not have to go to Kawasaki for the bearing.
2. Make sure that you reposition the universal joints at either end of the drive-shafts opposing one another.
3. When replacing the drive-shafts, have a second set of hands with you to lever the centre bearing pillow block over. There are elongated holes where the pillow block mounts. It triangulates the drive-shafts to push the universal joints into the yokes at either end.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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