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Front differential won't work

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I have a 2007 Brute Force. I went to plow yesterday after the heavy storm. While plowing my way out of the barn, the front wheels quit spinning. When I put it up on jackstands, all 4 wheels turn as they should and the 2 wheel and 4 wheel switch works as it should. If I put it in 2 wheel, the front quit spinning. 4 wheel, you hear the actuator engage, get the indicator, and the front start working. So I know the actuator is working OK. The problem is once it has to pull weight, they won't spin. It's like the clutch pack in the front differential is bad. I drained the oil, and flushed it out 2 times with new stuff, then refilled. Same result. The oil was almost clay colored. I am afraid it is the clutch pack but hoping someone has another idea. This thing only has 40 hours on it and I know I haven't swamped it. Thanks for any advise.
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Well even if the clutch pack is worn one whell should still spin so if both stop working you have other problems.
You are going to have to pull the diff out and open it up, did you notice any metal shavings in the oil when you drained it? Like greasmonkey mentioned, the clutch packs in the front diff only engage the locker. You should still have at least one of the front wheels spinning in 4wd.
No, there were no metal shavings. The oil just was really an weird grey color, I've never seen anything like it. Like I said, this thing only has 42 hours on it. Anyhow, I flushed out the differential really good until I got regular colored oil to come out. Now, I take it out and if I put the front wheels on dry ground and the rear on ice, and just put a little pressure on front brake it will just sit there and rear wheels spin spin. If I put all wheels on ice and hit the throttle only the back wheels spin. The only thing different now, if I pull the differential lock in, the left front will grab and go. I know something isn't right but I am stumped. Like I said, up on jackstands, not running, 2 wheel engaged, if you turn either wheel, the other one turns same direction. Put it in 4 wheel, turn one the other one turns oppisite and of course it turns the shaft coming from the tranny. I hate to pull differential but it is looking more and more like that.
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OK, figured it out. The right axle pulled out from the differential. The circlip is missing and the end of the shaft is rounded off. Looks like I need a new shaft. I looked on all the websites I could find and I don't see a separate breakdown for just the part that goes into the diff. Found a whole shaft for $115. I just wondered how this happened and want to make sure it doesn't happen again. Any ideas?
That is pretty wierd, and honestly I'd be suprised if the splines on the inside of the diff are still in good shape. You really shouldn't be having that kind of touble at 42hrs. Glad you seem to have found the problem.
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