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Good deal on 22" Skat Trak 10-paddles on wheels

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I saw this on eBay if anyone is interested in 22x11-10 10-paddle Skat-Trak Haulers. They are on Honda pattern wheels. If someone here buys these, I have a jig that can be used to drill the Honda pattern wheels to the Kawie pattern. I would let you borrow it if you pay the shipping both ways.

4 1/110 douglas wheels w/ 22x11-10 skat-trak hauler : eBay Motors (item 330403171079 end time Feb-13-10 11:25:38 PST)
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You can delete this now..:D
i thought i was the only one going for these:lol:
Haha! I figured someone might be interested in them even though they are 22".
im chasn for me z400 these are $290 a tyre here so im on this
We'll see..:p
You can come pick them up and save the shipping. :D
You can come pick them up and save the shipping. :D
ok you gonna be home in about 30 mins i will call past:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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