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Got a fuel pump laying around?

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Looking for a fuel pump for an 02 Prairie 650. I believe the part no is 79040. It is the drop in electric type that goes in the tank. Also, just the motor part off of the drop in would work too. Anyone have a good one from a part out? Thanks.
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still looking

I'm still looking for one. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on where I could find the pump motor itself instead of buying guage and all I would appreciate it.
You should be able to replace it with an automotive pump. See this thread...........

not quite the same

Unfortunately, my prairie has a drop in type electric fuel pump. The brute with its vacuum style in-line pump is much easier to adapt this way.
Yeah, I know, but I was thinking you may still be able to use one of these instead. It would just make it an external, instead of internal.

I'm not the most mechanically inclined person, but it seems to me that my fuel pickup would be at the top of the tank and thus wouldn't work. If I left it all intact, I'd be pumping through the bad pump and its screen and I'm not sure that would work. If I disconnect the pump, then I'm, at best, pulling from half of the tank.
I don't know if it would work either, but it was a suggestion/cheaper solution.
still looking...

Still looking for a fuel pump if anyone has one or is doing a part out.
if you can hear your pump running, when the key is on, the back flow valve on the top of the pump, is stuck... easy fix to eliminate it.

you can buy an aftermarket car pump, with low pressure, mount it lower than your tank and it will suck through your old pump... so all you have to do is cut your wires going to stock pump, lengthen them to reach the new pump. Run hose from the outlet at the top of the tank down to the new pump and then to carbs.. you only need 3-4 lbs pressure.

I think I used a Carter that didn't need a regulator. $35.00??

Thanks shotgun, it makes more sense explaining it that way.
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