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got a new truck

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its a 1999 f150 with hd springs and its 2wd with a 4.6lv8 got it for 500 bucks cuz it needed a crossmember welded for safety

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get that cross member welded .other than that looks like a decent truck. long as the motor runs its worth 500 bucks. body looks in good shape also
if it lasts a couple of months, you did good.

most peoples monthly car payments are at least that.....that's why I'm still driving my 99 F-350 :)
Lol I was like WTF you paid $5,000 for that thing! I went back after looking at your pic and read it again and then seen only $500. Looks like you got a good deal. I'm not a truck type of guy though so yea.
that truck aint never gonna break its a ford man
that truck aint never gonna break its a ford man

Well except for the cross member.:lol::eek::lol:
good deal.
Nice find, I just bought a 120 dollar video convert for 20 bucks on ebay because it is just the circuit board, no outer case.

Good deals are where ya find them.
That looks in great shape.Now a days a five hundred dollar vehile is one that you tow home and put a grand into to get running.The only thing to watch out for on those is if the front of the engine gets a little noisey there are tin guides for the timing chain that become loose and drop down and hit the chain .A little time consuming to fix but parts are cheap.
im a mechanic at a ford dealer i kno all about that lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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