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Got my tecate today.

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I picked up my 1987 tecate today. I bought it from the original owner. He had let a friend borrow it in the early 90's and he didn't mix the gas. It tore the piston up, but not that bad. The motor had been sitting with the top end off since. The rod and crank bearings were very gummed up. It needs rod and crank bearings, and a new piston. All this I can handle myself so it is no big deal. The rims are in good shape, and the tires are still holding air from when the bike was last ran. The rear shock is blown, but the rod is good. The front plastics are cracked as you can see in the pic, which is a bummer, but all the other ones are in good shape. all the bearings are tight, it even still has the parking brake on it which still works. I thought they were the original tires, but I think the rears have been replaces. All the brakes are original and in good shape. My total parts list as of right now is: crank bearings, rod kit, piston kit, gasket kit and seals, wrist pin bearing, rear shock seal kit. Among other small items, the frame is showing some light rust through the paint. I was going to powder coat, but I think I might just sand blast and repaint it. Let me know what you think.
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I saw a set of plastics on ebay, I think the seller is on here. I wonder if he will separate? I also found out that it has carbon fiber reeds. Those must have been extremely expensive back in the day.
Congratulations man. Now the work begins. Keep posting pics of your progress. :rock::rock:
Anyone have any idea on paint for the frame? I usually use engine spray paint, I have had good luck with it. But that company doesn't make a color that matches. PJ1 had awesome epoxy spray paint but I don't think they make it anymore. I cant find them anywhere...
When I painted mine I just used some silver krylon, but I knew I was only going to ride it for one season. Now its all powder coated.
I've always used the engine paint because its very shiny and very hard, the only time I ever had paint come off was from a hard impact. It works awesome I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I can get it powder coated, but I want to stick with stock colors, and that would be stupid to powder coat a stock color. Here's the dirt bike I did. I believe the color was "Old ford blue" for my old RM125
Best process for durable, good looking paints is powder coating, hands down.... Spray bomb, spray wrong!
If done correctly it will be almost as strong. Plus I can touch up. The powder coat flaked off on a few spots on my old 400ex and there was no touching that up.
Any thing done right will last. keep us posted on the progress.
I just emailed my powder coater hook up. He would rather bargain then get paid. I think he has a dirt bike motor in need of a rebuild, I will see maybe I can rebuild the motor in exchange for getting it powder coated. How much would it normally cost to have a frame and sub frame powder coated anyway?
I can have a whole bike sandblasted and powdercoated candy colors for 400.00. I can get you all of those rebuild parts
Rockhound, i pm'ed you
The frame is at the powdercoaters

I had everything powdercoated but the a arms. I didn't want to remove the bushings. This is what the a arm looks like after I painted it. That's spray bomb. Almost a perfect match... rustoleum: gray primer, then aluminum, then crystal clear. Looks awesome
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Its almost 100% a rolling chassis. Missing lots of hardware. I'm waiting on the crank to be rebuilt. Everything else is ready.
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looking good!!!
very nice
The broken front fenders are my only problem.... Ill probably trim these, Ill look for a new set or something... My budget is up for now, gotta wait a few weeks till I can get some more goodies.
Its more or less finished. Fired it up for the first time last night. Runs good. I have more pics but my camera is dead and computer wont read the memory card. Ill post the rest tomorrow.
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