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Green Hand Guards!

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I got two more sets of Green hand guards,Well I got three but I think I am going to keep a set for my Mojave. These are Identical to the powermadd's all the way down to the mounting kit. These come with mounting hardware also. I will let these go at 40.00 shipped. They will run you alot more buying them online.

Here are the guards mounted.

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if these will work on my Prairie 700 I want them....
They are universal Hand Guards. If you have the room on your bars they will work. Can you take a picture of your bars and post it up and I can tell you if you can fit them or not.
I just put a set on her prairie the other day from Glenn ,they fit fine
Yep, I figured they should work.
Any pics from the back or that show the mounts better?
Yep, Here ya go. You can do over or under. There are a few ways to adjust them. I just realized that they have a sleeve that goes on there to take up the slack in that long bolt:lol:

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One set sold! Brand new hand guards anyone?
To the Top! Need these guards gone. One set left.
Got your PM I want the other set.
Pm returned. I remembered you wanted a set when I was looking at getting some more. 2nd set pending :tup:
1 Set pending now to blown284 and the other set backup for sale!
wish you took paypal,I can pay over my I-phone that way.
Yeah I know, I just hate using paypal. Have used it very little with bad results. Just dont trust it.
When ya gonna have some orange or black ones of those made, J?
These are the last of them Cole, Sorry man!
well thats no fun...:p
Pm returned. I remembered you wanted a set when I was looking at getting some more. 2nd set pending :tup:
Damn nice lookin' out for me.. appreciate that! Just sent you $$$$.

Fixed it. Didnt know what was gonna happen. Look like I may have to send it back to you anyhow.:mad:

Update! Money refunded on paypal. Paypal just sucks imho. I have had nothing but trouble dealing online there. Do it by mail and theres no problems. It is handy for getting money then and there but aside from that it sucks.
Need both sets of these gone! Someone snag them up.:)
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