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Has Anyone ever had this problem???

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I took the bike out yesterday, 2005 KFX 400, in the snow. She stalled on me after about 15 min of street riding. Towed it to a friends house and tried adjusting carb. Got her finally running nicely and after idling and reving fine for 5 minutes put the seat back on and she stalled again. We started messing with the carb again and after a few more starting attempts the starter was just spinning but not cranking the engine. Brought her home and took off the flywheel cover. Well it turns out that all 6 bolts that attach the started clutch to the flywheel sheared off. I don't think they all sheared off yesterday because the stator is all busted up and some of the screw heads were rounded more than the others so I am assuming that they were banging around in there for awhile. :mad:

My question is.... Should I replace the starter clutch assembly or should I try and replace the bolts that sheared and buy a new stator and see what happens?:confused: Also, with the stator being messed up, could that have cause the problem with the bike not running properly? Anyone know of someone that sells the starter clutch at a good price? Thanks for any help!!!
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I would replace the bolts using loctite and test the starter clutch first. Yes the stator could have killed the bike.
ive had to replace my flywheel were someting had sheared off and it would do nothin but spin but i dont kno with your problem
Thanks for the input guys. I just don't understand why all of the bolts would have sheared off. I could understand if some backed out and then got caught and seized the starter clutch and then the other bolts could have sheared. Once I get my flywheel puller I'll pop that sucker off and put the clutch back together and do the factory service test on it to see if it's slip falls in the correct amount of applied torque.
that is the axact same thing that happened to my frinds z400 , his stator was shot and every bolt was busted on his flywheel , he took to a friends dad had it fixed and , its still not running right , i honestly thought id never see that happen twice , sounds like a problem from the factory to me !
same thing happend to me i just ordered a new stator, does anyone know the size of the 6 screws? i read somewhere they are m6x1 16mm long is that correct?
I wish I could tell you the size of the bolts, I ordered all the parts from a kawi website last week and still haven't received any of my parts which I am really pissed off about. I was afraid to put non oem bolts/screws in because I wasn't sure of the strength and the type of material used. The screws look stainless but they are magnetic so I didn't want to take a chance. Good luck and hopefully we can get our bikes up and running soon, and back to normal!!!
same thing happened to me lmao
can anyone tell me what a stator is?
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