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Does anyone else experience extremely high cab temps when driving at a constant speed. We drove ours down a couple of country roads and the amount of heat in the cab was excessive. Any suggestions?

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yes it is an issue.
someone has a hood that sits higher and vents heat out the front.
also these have been done

  • Cutting a hole in the engine bed for better heat dissipation
  • Installing a snorkel kit for the drive belt
  • Insulating the plastics covering the engine
  • Using engine ice antifreeze
Of all these suggestions, insulating the plastic coverings and putting rubber under the seats seems the most effective solution.
remove both the front and rear seats to line the floor with Dynamat in an effort to reduce the heat.
and cover the inner counsole.
buy rubber boot for handbrake, guy has them on ebay?

Dynamat is a form of rubber that doesn’t absorb heat. What the owners did was remove all the seats, cover the bed with the rubber Dynamat and then installed the seats back
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