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Help getting Clutch off Bayou 300

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Hi all,

My '97 Bayou 300 4x4 clutch was slipping. I decided to take it apart to measure the discs /springs and replace as needed. Unfortuately, I can't figure out how to get the secondary clutch cover off. See attached pics.

The Haynes book says to wedge a penny between the gears of the primary and seconday clutch to prevent turning when breaking the nut loose. The penny trick works fine, keeping the outer portion of the clutch from turning, but the inside can rotate. How am I supposed to get the nut loose?

Thanks for any advice.
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Never done it, but maybe try an impact wrench on that nut?
We got it. To keep it from turning, we put the springs back on using the screws and washers. This compressed the "stack" and helped to lock it up.
I tried that and still wouldn't stop turning. Wound up with a 3/4" electric impact, finally got it off. Hey will your primary clutch slide back and forth on the shaft? After I put mine back together I noticed that the thing seemed to have a lot of side play. I took it apart and looked everything over and have no spacers or anything missing, but the gear that meshs with the secondary clutch moves back and forth close to a quarter of an inch. The mech at the local dealer said he remebered that being normal. I can hear it slaping when power is applied.

I'm awaiting replacement discs and springs (typical for Bike Bandit Parts) - hopefully they will come today. I took it apart a couple weeks ago, so I don't recall how much play there was. As soon as I start the re-assembly I'll give you some feedback.

clutch nut

I am doing the same repair as you are. Is the clutch nut on the primary a reverse thread? I just cant seem to get it to budge. How did you get it off? If anybody else reads this and know please let help me. Impact??

2000 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

i used my 1/2" impact to break mine loose, came right off, and the nut is right hand thread i believe. just make sure your socket it securely and squarely on the nut, b/c that thing is not nearly as tall as a standard nut.
What did you decide about the side play on your clutch? Was it a problem? I'm putting in a used clutch and see the same thing. It doesn't seem right, but it might have been that way before I took it apart--I'm not sure.
Any help appreciated.
Steve, I don't recall seeing that much play, but it's been quite a while ago. I don't hear any slapping sounds during operation. Is it still sloppy after everything is bolted up?

I put it back together with the end play in the clutch drum and after adjusting my valves (intake too tight--what's up with that??) it started right up and both clutches worked and sounded normal. I will have to tear into the carb again as it now has a lean condition after my rebuild. Anyway the clutch issue is shut away inside the side cover and it sounds the same as it did before I replaced it. Here's to hoping it stays that way.
That primary clutch nut is super tight. I tried impact and didn't get it. Use aluminum washer in gears and 1/2 drive breaker bar. Tried. Used hammer to hit loose. Finally it came. Just keep trying. I think its torqued to like 91lbs. Can't remember for sure. I could never get the primary drive gear off. Nothing I dealt with was reverse thread.
hey we are redoing our 96 bayou 300 4x4 and we can't get the penny trick to work it just keeps crushing the penny, and we don't have a impact wrench, is there anything else that will work?
Yea a washer. I used a aluminum washer it got chewed up. But I used a steel washer too. On the big gears it wont hurt them
Guys Im replacing the clutches in my bayou 400 and I cant get the clutch cover off. Is there something I'm missing? I took the 15 bolts out of the cover and I took the lock nuts off of the 2 flat screws that were under the clutch release cover but I haven't tried to remove the 2 flat screws, do they have to come out to get the cover off?
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