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HELP!!!!! Mojave clutch cover

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I recently bought a 03 mojave with a broken shift shaft it came with an extra motor so I took it apart replaced it with no problems but when I tried to put the clutch cover back on I a cant get the clutch lever to move. I have pulled it apart 50 times tried it everyway every postion I can think of and I am out of ideas I have the manual and it is no help. I even tried puttin the cover back on the other motor and have the same problem. I am pulling my hair out I am hope I am just missing something. so any ideas I am listening
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You need to talk to Greg at www.cycleworkracing.net He can help you just give him a call. Sorry not real familiar with the Mojo.
what wont go on the presure plate or the cover for the side od the motor?
the cover plate will go on but once it is on I cant get the clucth lever to move I have tried it in every postion I can think of. but as soon as I tighten down the cover I cant mover the lever
Try pulling the shaft up that the clutch cable is connected to move it up a little bit that's what I did with mine and it started working
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