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help needed on axle

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i have a 05 brute force 750 and i broke the rf axle,i was able to get the axle out but i can not get the broken piece out of there,can someone please give me some info on how to get it out,i have used a prybar and it does not move outwards only side to side,my email is [email protected] ,thanks alot for any help you can give me
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If your saying the broke piece is still stuck in the diff then take a tie-down strap and wrap it around it as close to the diff as possible and give it a yank. It has a little clip on the end of the axle that keeps it in there so it doesnt just pop right out.
it only has a very little piece sticking out,i can see about 1/8" teeth of the diff so the broken piece is in there about 1/8" with just the little piece sticking out,i have used a prybar and i can not get it to move outwards,i don't see where a tie down strap will help me or i'm not understanding what your saying,thanks alot
So the shaft on the cup broke that is going into the diff? If that's the case then pull the axle outta the other side and use like a long 3/8 extention or punch and tap it out.
ok,thats what i was thinking but did not know if you could actually do that,thanks alot for all the help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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