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Can anyone tell me how to reset my belt at 100 hrs.... I had my 100 hour service done at 97 hrs and i need to know so when i hit 100 i can reset it.... I also have a Moose power module PLEASE HELP!!!

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Turn off the ignition switch. Remove the seat

Disconnect both sets of 4 pin connectors in the electrical
parts case.
Reconnect these 4 pin connectors to their opposite gray
to black and black to gray.
Turn on the ignition switch. Observe the belt check indicator light. It should be flashing quickly.

Disconnect the belt switch at the 2 pin connectors

above the torque converter cover.
Observe the belt check indicator light.
It should be flashing slowly.
Let it flash for at least five seconds.

While observing the belt check indicator light, turn off the
ignition switch.
Disconnect the mismatched 4 pin connector sets and reconnect
them normally. (Black to black, gray to gray)

Connect the belt switch 2 pin connector .

Turn on the ignition switch. Confirm that no belt check indicator light is flashing. Put the connectors back where they go ............put on your seat and ride ride ride.........

Not sure about the moose..........

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