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took a set of carbs off one of my v's, put em on the prairie to try n get it runnin. have spark, fuel pumps out but even using fuel into the carbs and carb cleaner it wont start. yes i know the airbox needs to be on because of vacuum. so im gonna source another fuel pump, where else should i look, dont have a compression tester so i guess ill go buy one.

background- bought the bike claiming to have been running on one cylinder, other would come in n out. bike hadnt run in a few months when i bought it. started to mess with it and stopped so it sat about another year. did put a lil oil in the cylinders to keep em from siezing and they never did. i cleaned most all electrical connections but gonna do em all again and put electrical insulating grease in em. alot of the plugs still had dirt in em. so this bike was probably ridden like a submarine. crossing my fingers i dont have to open it up. if i do ill love added power, just not the coat since ive got a kfx engine scheduled to come apart soon
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