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hey from wi

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Hey all, Travis from Mauston, WI. I just bought my first atv, a 2004 kfx400 and am loving it. Ive always wanted my own four wheeler and this year I got one. Yeah yeah a lil on the older side to get your first, but I feel like a kid on christmas day. Anyways, Hi.:)
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Welcome aboard.........:tup:
You shouldn't feel too bad about the year, I just got my first quad and it's on 04 as well, so I'm in the same boat with ya. Hope you have a blast with it, If you're enjoying your purchase as much as I am, you're walking around with a smile going from ear to ear. :D
yeah all I hear in my head now days is "blah blah blah fourwheeling, blah blah kfx400, blah." I just cannot wait til this spring, Im tryin to talk an ex-atver buddy at work into buyin another atv so we can go riding.
Welcome aboard.

I'm the same as you. Bought my fist quad two years ago and I'm 45 now.
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