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Hi, new here. Tire question.

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Hi there. I have a Brute Force 650 I bought used about a year ago. It has been a great purchase - we moved to a place with some acreage and also a VERY steep path down to the river. So we've been using it to get kayaks down to the water and back up, and to run my dog on the gravel road, and have put it to work hauling stuff, dragging a harrow (?) around the fields. Most recently, it has been a lifesaver in the blizzards we've been having. Goes through snow GREAT, and we mounted a spreader on the back for salt/sand, and will use that for seed in the spring. So it's been handy.

Below is a picture of it. We used it for diesel (and beer) runs when my neighbors and I were trying to dig out with the tractors.

The tires on it now are Dunlop KT127s and KT121s. They all have a few plugs in them, but one of the rear ones is really bad and just won't hold air and the hole is too big to plug effectively. So I want to get new tires. At least for the rear.

My neighbor has the Bear Claw tires and he loves them. They are cheaper than my Dunlops. Also any opinions on the AMS Black Widow? Seem to be priced about the same as the Bear Claws.

So: Steep grade, sometimes gets muddy but not like a mud bog or anything. Work around the farm. Gravel roads. Snow. And I'd like to do some recreational trail riding this year with my neighbor. Can someone compare the Dunlop, Bear Claw and AMS tires?

Sorry for the long post.

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you'll get a lot of responses here. the ITP 589 is a good tire. email mike at dicks atv (sponsor) with the question and he will recommend the appropriate tire and give you a great deal also.
the zilla's are a good tire. I think so anyway. They do decent in mud and are light. The run a little small in the size department. So i would get like 26"ers.
my .02
GBC Grimm Reapers are suppose to be really nice tire for all conditions. Buddy of mine has them loves them the out perform big horns and the terra cross tire. Just ordered a set for my brute.
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