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Thanks for adding me to the group!

My name is Rich, I'm 71 yo, and I have a couple of Kaws. I live on 15 acres in the mountains of NE PA and my neighbors allow me access to their properties giving me a couple of hundred acres to ride my 2000 Prairie 300 4X4. I also have a 2005 Nomad that's been breathed on a little. I had a 2006 Nad that was burned up in a shop fire. The only time I ever took a bike to a shop because I spent the 80s working part-time at John's Cycles in Chester, PA. The Nad developed the rear cylinder oil leak and it's too heavy for me to pull at home. Now my 05 has the same problem. Any suggestions?

I have a modest shop at home with a platform lift, a frame lift, and most of the tools needed including a nice selection of hammers. If anyone is riding in the area and needs help, contact me through FB. I have no trailer, but may be of help.
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