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Hmf duals Gt Thunder rebuilt rear

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Their sold
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pm sent
could the shock be stiffened up any for a fatboy? 265lbs
You gotta send it off and have it redone
They charge $75 for a rebuild which is what you will need fatty! :p
quiet down one who hails from fetus missory
Hey now at least I didn't call dibs and am giving you a chance to buy something for once!

I would have too if it was set up for a heavyer rider.
They're not fata$$es...
I wish I could get back down to 280...
I'm a fata$$...6' even and 315 NAKED...:huh::lol::lol:
whos ready for the buffet? then we'll take a trip to generalV's n use his thrown
All kidding aside i'm really thinking about calling dibs. It's only 75 to get it set up the way I need it so I'd be saveing 100 bucks or so over sending mine in to be cut. I guess I need to make up my mind quick. It's really a great deal for some skinny focker.
I would be willing to send it to Gt thunder if you buy it that would save you time and shipping costs.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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