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Honda rear hubs

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Ok I know asked and answered 1000 times...:rolleyes:
but are these the correct ones?:confused:

Honda TRX450R TRX450 05 Rear Hub L 087743 : eBay Motors (item 110372112454 end time Feb-26-10 08:56:51 PST)
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If that hub is from a 450r, it will work. Also keep in mind, Brand New 04-05 trx450r rear hubs can be had for $30 - $35 each complete with studs. Pick a different year, and the price goes up tremendously. The '06+ hubs are 3x the price:eek:
Thanks guys...
Do the Honda hubs narrow the ass-end up like the Yamaha hubs do?
I don't think so...
On the older threads I searched that was always a downside to using Yami hubs...
along with having the 4 on 115 pattern...
The main reason for switching is to have the most commonly available aftermarket selection which is the 4 on 110 Honda pattern.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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