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How's Your Drive To Work?

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Just wondering who has the best and worst scenerio to get to work. Who's stuck in traffic for hours a day? Who drives the furthest? Anyone just merely cross the street?

I personally drive a ways to get to work, through good and bad weather on good and bad roads... but never in rush hour.
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I have a 20min drive to the airport, then an hour and 20min flight on a nine seater Pilatus that lands on a gravel runway....spring and fall it can be a little exciting....nothing like watching a 6'4" 250LB miner deathgripping the seat in front of him. :D
I have a 45 minute drive everyday to get to the shop which isnt to bad. Then I have a drive that can be anywhere from 30min to 2.5 hours to get to where we are working that day. That drive can get interesting sometimes. Semi's down back country roads in the middle of winter is a little challenging at times :lol:.
I drive house to house for the most part. Through town and cutting people off in traffic.

When I work with the union it's normally a interstate drive to a plant in the area
I have about a 10-15 minute drive to work depending on how I drive :D
Some times I don't even leave my property.
I open the back door walk 50 feet open the shop door and I am at work.
About 400 feet.
i drive six miles to work.i leave the house at about five thirty in the morning,so there isn't anybody on the road at that time
It only takes me 4 minutes now :D
15 minutes. Then I'm in the armored car all day so I'm going to add that in and say my commute is 8 hours and 15 minutes. :lol:
Being a service electrician may work day changes often, but my drive to the shop in the morning is about 20 minutes
I takes me 35mins on a good day leaving home around 6:15 am and getting to work in down-town Ottawa. If it's vacation time for most federal employees then it'll be the same amount of time going back home. Worst case scenario, Winter storm, 1:30hrs +. I only live 20 miles away and it's almost all highway.

Dave F.
I have about a 10 min. drive.I drive to the next town and get on the interstate and go 1 exit it's nice when the weather is bad and I don't put allot of miles on my car.

i drive 20 min each way about 40 miles a day m thru friday then depending on what we do at work i dont drive during the day
I have a 12 mile commute that takes 30-40 minutes each way
Normally 40min of highway to the shop then to whatever site we are working at.......sometimes a 2 hour helicoptor ride when i work offshore.
I drive 5 miles to work, takes about 5 minutes. Only 2 traffic lights to worry about, and assholes that can't seem to drive at least the speed limit. I leave at 7:55am and walk in the door at work right at 8am.
It used to be 40 miles each way in rush hour bay area CA traffic. Friday it would take 2 hours to get home. Now its 13 miles on oregon back roads 20 minutes tops only because I have to drive through town for the last 2 miles.
88 mile round trip each day. :rolleyes:

Could be worse I guess
When I am working its about 15 mins each way, I am working out of the house right now so its just so many steps to get into the basement:lol:
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