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i just picked up a 88 tecate 4 in ny live in ct..

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My kawasaki T4 is white but im getting green plastics from a guy I met online( Rock Hound from Rock Hound Motor Sports) . I am waiting on how to pay for them. I am not very good with the online thing !!! My atv needs alot of work: I need a cluch, a gas tank , a airbox lid , upper steering bearings or bushings I dont know what I need yet. I also need a frame (found one $275 shipped) thats 2 not bad, so does any of one know of any places/one in ct that has parts or a runing TECATE that I can pick up. Please let me know ...

Here is a list of what I have bought for my build so far:
1. Frame
2. 1 set of complete green front plastics(Hood and inner radiator shrowds)
3. Gas Tank and fuel pet cock rebuild kit
4. Full set of replacement ty rod ends
5. OEM engine guard skid pan
6. OEM Kawasaki Manual 1987 1988
7. KAWASAKI SERVICE MANUAL TECATE 4 1987( hope is the same as1988)

I still need:
1. after market clutch and basket
2. green rear plastics
3. 2 blue side covers(forgot to ask rockhound)
4. bushings and or bearings for stearing stem
5. powder coating( i want blue)
6. ball joints
7. rear shock rebuild kit or buy one rebuilt
8. Handle bar gips
9. seat cover
10. carb rebuild kit
11. new reeds(any sugestions)
12. rear sprocket hub(possible has play not shure)
13. miscelaneous nuts and bolts
14. stainless bolt kit
15. a parts bike (LOL if possible)
16. head light mechanism and green plastic cover
17. might need a shifter and bolt

Thats all for now I will update later if you have any sujestion please call or email me asap.

Thank You ,

Ron CELL 203-228-9057
Email- [email protected]
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