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immediate help please shift shaft problem

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i recently snapped my shift shaft when i put the new one in everytime i go to kick it it will shift into gear i ripped it down 10 million time to see what i did wrong but i didnt find anything please help i got alot of snow coming and i want to have some fun
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yes my shift star was worn when i put the new one in it worked fine
Any info on how to change that shifter shaft on line. A friend just bought a lakota and the shifter shaft broke. Any help getting me going in the right direction. I mainly worked 2 strokes.
take off the side cover of the motor then look in the bottom left coner.there will be a spring take the off then pull the shaft out like 1 inch then pull down the sliding piece connected to the shaft take that off then pull the shaft out put it back the same way you took it apart its simple you should be able to figure it out im 15 and did it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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