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Innovate LM-2 kit

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I have a like brand new LM-2 kit that I need to get sold. I have well over $400 into this kit, still has protective film over the keypad and LCD. Only reason for selling is because I need the cash. This has been used 4 or 5 times. $365 shipped plus 3%

Kit comes with:
*Innovate LM-2 meter
*Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor
*8 ft sensor cable
*cigarette-lighter power adapter
*USB cable for PC connection
*LogWorks software CD
*Innovate 2GB SD card
*RPM Inductive Pickup Clamp

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I'm always up for a trade. What do you have?
$350 shipped plus 3% I will not go any lower then this. Bump
what does this do . what will it fit
LM-2 will do a lot. You can even read engine codes when your check engine light comes on. But its used to tune your engine. You need to have o2 sensor bungs installed into you exhaust then you just screw the oxygen sensor that comes with my kit into the bung and the computer will give you a real time A/F ratio read out. Perfect mixture is 14.7 but guys seem to like 12.7 with ATV engines.

does it mount on the handle bar or is it a plug in type ? will it work on my 07 kfx700 and my 03 kfx400
No it's not mountable but you can tape it to the seat or whatever. The Innovate LC-1 is mountable. It's more of a permanent application though.

Yes the LM-1, LM-2, LC-1 or whatever wideband you get can be used on almost any engine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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