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I had a 2002 Lakota Sport confiscated by NY DMV because the VIN was corroded away.
The DMV official said that the vehicle is presumed to be stolen.
There are at least 3 VIN-issue threads in the Lakota section here.
I traded a titled motorcycle for the Lakota, not knowing that the lack of a VIN was enough that DMV would take it and keep it.
The VIN on the Lakota would be on the bottom frame member just behind the left front wheel and adjacent to the shift lever. I never rode the Lakota so I'm sorry if I am projecting motorcycle stuff incorrectly on the ATV.
So it seems like a lot of gravel hits and boot rubbing could make the VIN side corrode more than the other side.
Also the DMV tech said he was going to try to acid-etch the frame to bring out the VIN. I'm thinking, if 1 digit got rubbed away and a series of techs acid-etched the frame one after another, that could cause the whole VIN area to get corroded away too.
Regardless, if you have an old ATV with a good pedigree, is your VIN holding up well?
The 18 year old Lakota was about half as old as my 33 year old bike, but the bike was not used off-road and the VIN was on the steering head behind a fairing. It was also garaged or under a cover when I had it.
It's really not an incentive to buy a good new ATV if the VIN could get messed up and make the thing eligible to be confiscated. I'm also kind of lucky that or if I am not being prosecuted. The trade was in Connecticut and CT law says it's a crime to buy one if there is no VIN.
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