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ITP's or MAXXIS all track

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hey guys i was curious as to what tire is good on the V. i ride alot
of trails with rocks and also do lots of climbing on rocks. I was wanting
a good all around tire with decent wear and good traction. I know i may be
asking alot out of a tire but im just looking for the best i can get all around.
Do you guys lilke the maxxis all tracks cause of the price or the quality of the
tire compared to the itp holeshot xct? let me know. thanks.
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I would stick with holeshots, They are the best all round tire that ive had for the conditions I drive in. Ive used razor 2's , bear claws, all tracks, and gators. My next set will be holeshots again.
A good cheap tire is the ITP trac star, handles mud well also. I like the holeshots too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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