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Jet trim seat cover!

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My son just emailed me a pic of the seat cover for the kfx that came in today...can't wait to put it on, looks sweet!
Thanks Dave!
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Nice. I cant wait to see it installed. I need to get one of those as well
I've been wanting one for a while. Maybe when I get my tax refund I'll set a little aside for one.
Looks great PIPO.
Jettrim makes a top quality seat cover. Looks good!
looks good! i was about to get one but i ran into too good of a deal on one of the orange/gripper Kawasaki Flight covers while lookin for one. I esp. like the embroidery on the top
If you don't mind me asking how much did ya pay fr that cover?
$132 shipped :eek:....I didn't even know, I had to check my account.
mines green and has flame stitching on top cost me $135 shipped to aus ment to be here last week but still no show
Guess that isn't to bad. Sure looks sharp anyway
The only Kawasaki i see listed is KFX 400. Do you have to call them?
I had to call them when I ordered mine, but they are very good on the phone. They'll walk you through the design, but it's better to look at their website to get an idea of what colors, etc., you want before you call.
i just emailed them 3 weeks ago and organised it that way ringing was to expensive bloody cost me $50 to talk to kev for 12 minutes the other night wich made for expensive intakes:lol:
Yeah, I just emailed them the order...."want a seat cover for an orange kfx700" :)...that was all.
Looks real sweet PIPO, guess that's something else I'll be saving for :rolleyes:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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