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Kawasaki Tecate-4 Klemms pipe with Carbon fiber silencer, what's it worth?

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I know this Klemms pipe is worth a bunch and very rare but I've never seen it paired with a carbon fiber silencer. Anyone else ever see a carbon fiber silencer on a Tecate-4? There's a couple minor dents in the pipe and someone powdercoated it green which has blackened near the cylinder due to heat. Spring hooks are good, mount is good. There's a custom strap that holds the silencer to the subframe. Yes, it's real carbon fiber, is in mint condition and has the down spout on the end. The stinger pipe/silencer is one piece unlike the favorite FMF set up. Everything is ready to bolt on. I'm upgrading to a big bore set up and my machine won't be ready for quite some time. I don't want to sell this set up but if the price is right it might happen. Anyone interested?

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I have seen it done, its a dirtbike silecer modded to fit the tecate
Doesnt look like a Klemm pipe nor is it powder coated. An original Klemm looks more like this one

It has the bend that comes more across the right side of the motor and doesn't tuck up into the frame like the stock and fmf. The link to the mystery pipe has a lot of horizontal welds where as mine does not but it does look similar otherwise. I've seen a few other klemms pipes mounted on tecate and they have that unique contour across the right side of the motor. Maybe i'm wrong and it's certainly pretty fat at the widest point. You may be right, I was told it was a custom pipe but I didn't believe it.
Do they still even make dirt bike carbon fiber silencers? I've never seen another one.
Nobody that I know of still makes the silencer. Pro Circuit had them on the factory race bikes in the late 90's and early 2000's before they went all 4 stroke. There are a few companies in Europe that made carbon fiber silencers like BUD exhaust. BUD-RACING
As for the pipe its really tough to say what it is I know some of the early DG pips didnt have the DG tag on them. Mike at Rockhound has one took a bit to figure out what it was. It does look alot like yours though still tough to say Dave Roberts would tell you for sure.
It is a Klemm pipe. I have the same one. There were two design klemm pipes. The early ones were hand made by harry klemm which is the one rockhound had and just sold. Those are very rare. The second one which is what is being talked about here is a later design which was made out of stamped metal and manufactured. These are still rare but not as much as the ones that harry klemm hand made. These are a great pipe as well. I believe these pipes were built more for top end. If you go to nitrobandits website www.tecateprojects.com/klemm.htm he has a pic of the same klemm pipe with original silencer.

You nailed it, that is def the same pipe. Thanks for clearing that up.
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