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Kenda Klaw's (brand new)

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I have a brand new set of 22X11X8, haven't even untaped them

it's just the rears

120 for both shipped in the contiguous states

price good till Monday

I screwed up and ordered the wrong size
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90 shipped :huh:
I wish they were 20x11x9. I have one brand new 20x11x9 in one of those. Also have two honda wheels and the hubs for them. Thats why I was gonna sell those Turf Tamers just to buy one new tire to make me a set. Anyhow I guess they will half to work for now, Got the Mojo running about an hour ago :rock:
Put them on ebay man. Tires sell better on ebay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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