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kfx 400 max tire size

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Anybody know the max tire size for the kfx 400? I am looking at 22" Kenda Rampage tires 22x12x9. Just wondering if they would fit without hitting the heel guards? I'm looking for snow / mud tires and debating on whether they will fit. I may have to get 20 or 21" tires, but just seeing what anyone else uses for snow. The stock 20x10x9 with chains work ok, but sucks dealing with chains and my biddy has Kenda Rampage on his Polaris Trailblazer 400 and the Rampages work great. thanks
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Kenda does make a tire called the Snowmax and AMS makes the zipper. Maxxis makes one also but not sure what it is called. May be worth looking into. I believe 22" are as big as you'll be able to run without hitting the Heel guards.
The trails I ride in PA aren't always totally snow covered, have some bare hill climbs, creek crossings and do have many sticks and rocks, which keeps me from getting a full snow tire like the Maxxis 4snow. I would need something that is preferably 6 ply and can handle the rocks and sticks and logs and creek crossings. Which has me looking at the Dirt Devil 2, Mudsharks, Swamplites and ultimately would like to get those Rampage. I just can't find overall dimensions of those tires, including the treads. It would be nice to put on 22" tires to get a little more clearance.
go to denniskirk.com and look at the itp mudlite sp's they are for sport bikes 6ply and do badass in the snow mud and creek they are a good all around trail tire.they only come in 20/11-9 rear 22/7/10 they fit good on my 400 and will go thru and over anything i run 3psi and ride over big pointy rocks no problem
The Rampage are exactly like the old Black waters. They sould fit.
OK... now if I go to 22"... do I really need to change the front sprocket? I'm not going to be racing it, just trail riding and putting along. I just don't want to be underpowered in the low end going thru snow and mud.
If you trail ride you'll benefit from the 13t front sprocket anyway. They are only about $6-$8 at RMatv

I just put a new set of tires on my KFX 400 this last weekend.. I used 23" on the front and 22" on the rear thats the biggest you can go in the rear without hitting the heel guards. I do alot of trail riding in Las Vegas and in Utah and that combo suites the best for what I do... I say go for it and get those bigger tires ....
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