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Kfx 400 wont crank over

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I have an 03 KFX 400. I just replaced the timing chain a few weeks ago. Today I started to reassemble everything. Once that was in the clear, I tried to hand crank it. It only cranks so far and then stops, in both directions. I triple checked the timing, I did exactly like the manual says to do. Both cams have a 1,2,3 on them. The Intakes number 3 is pointing up and the exhausts number 1 is pointing toward the front of the block. Counted the pins on the timing chain. The 15th pin is on 3 and the 1st pin is on number 2. Doubled checked, everything is in check, still at TDC. When the intake cam is about to push the valves down, it stops, tried both ways. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.
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It sounds like the timing is out. The piston should be on its way down when the Intake valves starts to open. Is there anything caught in the Timing chain run?
Tomorrow I'm going to take another look at everything. Also someone else said something about the slack in the chain, to pull it to the left. Otherwise the chain tensioner will bind it up I think he said. I have a manual tensioner on now to. Thanks for the input
Took the head off today and found the end of the exhaust valve laying ontop of the piston.
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