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kfx upgrades

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does anyone have any thoughts about the lexx mxe slip on or the typhoon rotor?
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Never heard of a Typhoon rotor but, did see a Slip on test result on the Lexx pipe in Quad Magazine. Supposedly they arent too bad but the packing failed really fast and they dont offer a full exhaust. Also the fitment was a little off.
well i didnt read that in the reviews lol but i picked it up for 180 so cant beat it i guess i just bout a ton of stuff for my wheeler i cant wait to get it together
Yea jonboy, the typhoon rotors I have seen on ebay alot, not sure who makes them.
they are made my tusk
Tusk products arent to bad at all. I have a set of Tusk Nerfs and they have held up better than the AC's and Raths that I've owned. There are several that will oppose to RMatvs tusk products but, They are very good products.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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