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Hello Everyone,

Just purchased my youngest son a 2006 Kfx50. With the factory 7 inch rims it doesn’t leave too many options for aftermarket tires. I’d like to replace the factory 7 inch rims with aftermarket 8 inch rims. I know Douglas wheels used to make a 8 inch rim that would fit these quads. Part# 025-02 in 8x6 3+3 3/96 configuration. From my research I have done I don’t believe they are still manufacturing them. Would any other members have these particular wheels for sale or know where I could find a set of four? If this isn’t a possibility would the hubs from a lt80/kfx80 fit on the 50 (both front and rear)? I know with the lt80 bolt pattern it gives you more options for rims. I did see a post from years ago where a person built a mini motard Kfx50 which had a James lucky Lt80 front arm extenders 3 1/2 inch over stock width with extended tie rods. Because of this I feel like it’s a possibility that some of the lt80 parts would fit on the 50 but I’ve never had any confirmation. I know the mods for the 50 are limited. Personally as soon as my son outgrows it I’ll keep it for my nieces and nephews so I’m not worried about trying to sell it. Once they are done with it I’ll use it as a pit vehicle. Before people chime in on for me to just keep the factory tires I’m well aware of this but I’d like to add some curb appeal to it. Personally I’d like to have Douglas 8 inch rims with 16x6.5-8 snow hog tires all the way around. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Attached are pictures of the modified Kfx50 I was referencing.
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