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KFX700 Test Ride Glamis Today

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Well Bought the KFX700 for the Wife Thurs, Screw her I like riding it LOL, we desided to do 1 day trip to Glamis for a test run. left Sat morn at 8 am was there by 11 am, was a beautiful day too, crowded for teh 3 day weekend.
Well we desided to first try a long sand HWY ride, see how it handles the whoops and straight aways, first thing yeah was that swinger HAS to extended, the back end is all over the place, dump the stock shocks also, we were running 8 paddle 24 x 11 x 10 and sand stars 22 x 8 x 10 fronts.
we didnt push the big dunes as she is too new to Glamis and just riding in general, but the V700 floated over the small and med dunes just fine, lots of power for a stock quad!
Now as for the handling, the front stock handlebars have to GO!, Lots of viabration though the bars is this normal? do you guys run anti viabration stems?
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ive got the 2" roxx anti vibe risers. if you can afford em buy a set of flexx bars. youll need a shorty shifter for most handlebars because of width.

shocks you can have the rear rebuilt, check the for sale someone had a gt thunder rebuild for sale. fronts the works at steelers are the cheapest, or go to elkas or stadiums.

Is the railroad tunnel to Boardmanville still open?
no its closed. I don't think you can ride green sticker to there anymore. It kind of sucks that place will go belly up without the duner business.
Yeah only way into Boardmanville is Ted Kemf road via Truck, And the BLM just sit there waiting for you to drive out knowing that you may off had a beer or 3 or 7 .
Ok what are these??

The KFX will climb any hill there with ease. No worries there.
Ok what are these??

Are you asking what are Shorty Shifters---Because the after market bars aren't long enough to fit grips and the OEM shifter---They leave if it off the bars and put a little hand shifter down under---I was at Glamis Sat and didn't see any V's---Man it was rutted out bad---Here's a couple links.



Yeah I made the wife ride Sand Hwy, well at least to the Bar!!! ;) Well after a few liquid courage drinks she rode way better going back to camp Gecko!
Funny never got out of 2nd gear to the Glamis Beach Store, was doing 3rd and 4th back!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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