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Kfx700 Wheelie bar

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This is a very nice wheelie bar built by a KR member. It is 67" long, 11" wide, and only weighs 23lbs with everything included. Once mount is installed you can put it on or take it off in less than 4mins.
I'd like to sell it to someone I can meet on my way to GA as I do every weekend.(S.E NC, SC & GA). Shipping is $55 with UPS.

Bar mount will only fit extended swingarms.

$195 delivered or picked up.
$195 + shipping

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Them are very nice wheelie bars, I had one just about identical, works awesome :tup:
if shipping wasnt so much I'd buy it. I have to biuld one for Parker...It"ll be cheaper to buy this one than have to stop and biuld one. Let me see what i can do...

Back for sale.
Wheelie bar is back for sale.
Buyer claims bar is damaged and I truly believe him. Since I never used it, except to take the pics on the first post which were taken the same day I shipped the bar, I contacted OHVFORCE, the previous owner, and he confirmed the damage and explained the center link was replaced and bar worked fine after that.

The reason I'm posting this is to make sure everything is clear. Buyer will post pics of the damage and his opinion on it. With that said I shaved $75 of the price. Wheelie bar should look just like the pics posted in the first post besides the color.
A few pics that the buyer took showing the bended bars. As you can see the mount was painted black...that's a bonus :p.

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I'd be interested in trades or even use it as a partial trade for german gears, FST clutch cover, and/or a BOSS NOS system. Straight trades for 10x10 wheels, ASR stem, IMS brake lever, and studded cheng shins. (Depending of conditions and for some items I'd need a little bit of cash and buyer would have to pay for the shipping of the bar.)
pm sent
i see you got the heel guards off ebay i showed you, that was a good deal for them.will u take 110 for the bar?if so ill pick it up friday.
Pm'd you.
will the wheelie bar bracket work with the shock in the stock mout location or do i need a extended swingarm for it to work.
That's a very good question...I'll find out for you.
You will need an extended swingarm for this wheelie bar to work correctly.
Thanks Parker...would it be easy to make it work with minor modofications?
I don"t think so, the main support bracket for the bar, which attatches to the rear end, fits on the inside of the shock mount. It would have to be remade to fit on the outside of the shock mount.
Got it, thanks...I'll add that to the first post.
Yes, As Cajun said. This bar will work with a shock. Just use a longer bolt in the bottom shock mount. You will also need to put a couple of flat washers between bar mount and the outer part of the shock mount on the swing arm. The two support brackets that run from the top mount down to the bottom mount will slide out to desired width. Then you would need to put spacers and longer bolts in top bracket also.
Is it the percocets that I have on the system or are you two (parker and KY) contradicting each other? :confused:

Will it work on a stock swingarm or not? :p
I think Parker is right. It uses the stock shock mounting location.
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