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KVF 360 4x4 light flashing / service manual request

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I have an '05 KVF 360 4x4. I decided to take it through some snow a while ago and now my 4x4 light starts to flash after a little while. If I shut it down the light stops flashing but after a half hour of riding it is blinking again. I only have about 40 hours / 700km on the machine.

The light starts to blink even if I'm in 2x4 mode. I have not noticed any troubles using the 4x4 mode but there is obviously a problem and I don't want to cause further damage. The local repair shop wants me to bring it in and they are guessing $400~$700 for a repair but I'd rather do it myself.

If anyone has a copy of the service repair manual to share I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any advice, till then I'll keep reading old posts looking for the answer.
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do a search on BELT RESET should point you in the right direction
Thanks for the reply.

As I said it was the 4x4 light not the belt light that is blinking. Do you think the belt reset will still help? I'm gonna tear this thing down for a full service as soon as my garage warms up. I just want to armed with as much info as possible.

In the meantime I'll be lurking in the forums reading as much as possible. :)
Thanks guy for all your posts and PMs.

I've been reading this service manual and it looks like my issue is either the engine brake actuator or the 4x4 actuator. I'm inclined to believe it is the engine brake because the 4x4 still works good but the quad won't come to a complete stop when I let off the fuel. It just keeps rolling and I can hear an actuator buzzing or trying to disengage until I hit the brakes.

Looks like I'll need to fire it up for a short cruise to get the light to blink again so I can verify just how many seconds it actually flashes on and off. Then I'll order up some parts and be ready to go for a ride as soon as the snow melts a little more. :)

happy trails everyone.
service manual

Hi i'm new to the site and looking for some help.I have read some post about the check belt light and 4x4 light blinking on the 360 prairie, I'm having the same problem and i would like some info as to were i can find a service manual to be able to work on it myself.Thanks i advance take care and have a good day.
Hey, thanks so much for the link looks good but have to wait to get home to download it.Hey on a nother note i notice that my elec. brake is alot louder then it was could somethink be going on with it to thanks.
your actuator could be going bad
I am having the same trouble i removed the cover on the engine brake side.Found a large biuld up of belt dust cleaned it up and put the cover back on.No change except now i can,t get the engine to come up to full RPM,s with out missing.Sounds like it,s out of timing.Good luck
you probably tripped the belt switch while haveing it off. check to see if the switch is tripped then reset your belt light
Look around the internet for kawasaki actuator cleaning.

Mine started getting noisy, opened it up, cleaned it and greased the plastic gears inside. It's a whole lot better not.
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