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Does anyone know where to find a walk thru or maybe a youtube video of how to remove and install a Cam timing chain? Any help in this matter would be great got a new cam chain on its way..

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  1. Remove all obstructions blocking the engine block (fenders, gas tank)
  2. Drain the oil
  3. Remove the stator cover (side case on the left of the engine)
  4. remove the top end head cover (4 10mm bolts)
  5. Remove the cam chain tensioner
  6. remove the flywheel bolt (14mm on the crankshaft after you take the stator cover off)
  7. Remove the flywheel. You will need a flywheel puller for this. You can buy a universal puller from an auto store (harbor freight if you have one near you)
  8. Take out the crankshaft key (just to be neat)
  9. remove the circlip and the plate behind it on the crankshaft.
  10. Remove the sprocket behind that, be careful with all the springs inside of the sprocket. The spring with a smaller spring inside of it has to be in the slot with the dot on the sprocket.
  11. Remove one of your two cams now, and take the chain off of the cam sprocket.
  12. put that cam back on and do the same with the other cam
  13. Pull the chain down to the side of the engine and out the side.
  14. now time for the new chain to go in:
  15. put the chain in through the side of the engine, like you took it out.
  16. Use a long magnet to pull the chain up the side of the engine.
  17. remove one of the cams again and put the chain around the cam sprocket.
  18. Do the same with the other cam.
  19. Now is when you time it. Put the sprocket back on with the dot at the same position as the second sprocket (to the bottom left of it)
  20. spin the crankshaft sprocket so it is lined up with the crankshaft key (which should be directly facing up)
  21. Put the springs back into the sprocket, and the plate and circlip back on. Put your flywheel back on with the crankshaft still at the top dead center.
  22. Now you adjust your cams to put them in time. Take your intake cam off and the chain off of the sprocket. Put it so the small dot on the sprocket is about 3 degrees above the head. Put it back on.
  23. take the exhaust cam off and line it up so the dot on the sprocket is parallel with the head.
  24. replace the stator cover, the head cover, remembering to torque everything to spec.
  25. put your oil back in, and it should be good to go.
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