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***All these parts will be for a 2001 Mojave 250. And if you have any of the parts listed below please PM me with Price and Pics.

Ok, im lookin for a few different parts for my quad and if anyone has any of these just let me know.

Im lookin for,

REAR ONLY tires mounted on rims, Id like to find Pure sport realtors but that doesnt always happen so ITPs or Maxxis rzrs work too. And if you just have tires or just have rims let me know too cuz ill do them sepperetly, for tires ill need size 20x10-10

Aftermarket front bumper.


Nice exhoust, maybe cobra or dg or fmf. Anything thatll look better than my old rusted one and more importantly sound better.

Race cut plastics, id like them to be either lime green of black but if not still let me know.

And lastly im lookin for a decal kit. Maybe like Monster Energy or something cool thatll go with the Kawi colors.
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