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mild cams

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ive got a set of glenns older xx's i could use, i dont know if theyd be too much for the wife. she probably wont do any drag racing(informal) but i do need the bike to perform good on trails, and into any mud(nit that deep shit) i venture into. looks like i MAY need to pull the top end on the prairie and if so im gonna upgrade it. tires ill run are in the sig, pistons ive got some fps 730s, dont know what that would make a 650
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I have a set of custom grind AMR cams with only about 250 miles of trail riding, and a half dozen, or so, drag races, on them. They were made to be drop in cams and an improvement over Web 150i's. They do not hit very hard down low, but build good power in the mid and high end. You can find the dyno results, and VFJ's thoughts on them, here... http://www.kawieriders.com/forum/interstate-motorsports/76585-web-150i-cam-vs-amr-drop-cam.html
I pulled them to install a different set of AMR cams with more bottom end hit.

I would like to get $275.00 shipped for them, no cores necessary.
I also have a set of Rays (Fundy) new style UTK trail cams. Grate thing about them is they do not require HD valve springs. I have never ran a set of these but I hear they are awesome cams. These cams are brand new never installed. If you don't get Adirondack Man cams PM me and I'll hook you up.
ill let u both know somethin within the week for sure
i just read that thread, is that the first set or the revised set? james how much you thinkin?
The AMR cams are the first set. The revised set are currently in my Prairie.
Rawdawg700 did have a set of Fundy UTK cams he was selling.
James how much you thinking?
$308 shipped plus 3% Like I said cams are brand new never used.
I have brand new CWR418 cams and some very low hour FST stage 2's 350 for the cwr's and 315 for the fst's. they both need valve springs and will eat up all the lesser cams. I consider them a high end mild cam

Dibs on the CWR 418's if Aaron don't take them.
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