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Mojave Spark issues?

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OK just got my mojave top end finished put back together and it dosent start easy but we kick it forever and it started and ran it ran for about 5 mins and we noticed it was spraying oil. So we shut it down and found out i forgot to tighten the head cover bolts so we tightened them real quick and now it wont start again. We went through 2 new plugs just to make sure and my dad hooked a tester up to it and said that it only gets spark when it wants to but he could be wrong. we also cleaned out the carb about three times and its getting gas. Any ideas?
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Double check your timing. It sounds as if the coil has a bad ground.
Thanks im almost sure the timing is right i did it by the book so i will test this coil or get a new one and double check the timing
checked the timing and kicked it a couple times before i put oil in then after i put oil in it dosent get spark. wtf?
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