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Monkey Mayhem 2

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Basic layout for classes. Can possibly change day of the race depending on what shows up.

700cc V-force class.
Bolt on mods only. No internal motor mods. N/A

650 / 750cc 4x4
Bolt on mods only.No internal motor mods. N/A..

800 / 1000 4x4
Bolt on mods only. No internal mods. N/A


700 / 750cc V-force.
Open. N/A

751 and up V-force.
Open. N/A

650 / 750 4x4
open. N/A

751 / 999 4x4
Open. N/A.

1000 and up 4x4.
Open. N/A


751 and up V-force

751 / 850 4x4

851 / 1000 4x4

1001 4x4.

All sport bikes of any kind will be running grudge.

This will be top ground hard pack drag racing.

Directions to the farm.

4725 Hwy 13 Lumberton, MS. 39455

I-59 exit 41 (hwy13), go west on hwy 13, about 8 miles and you're there....on the left

Keep an eye out for changes.

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wow, looks great dale! now lets get the superbowl out the way n on with slingin dirt!
Sweet! That top class is screaming my name. Hope I can make it.
for the V/twin guys, this is probably the one and only chance you'll ever go to a race that has classes specifically for us.
Will studs be allowed in all classes or just the open and unlimited??
good question.

Hadn't really considered it.

Kinda like when running sand and having a separation for stock tires and paddles...lol

We'll talk it over Jeff, just like paddles in sand, it will make a huge difference.

last thing I need or want is another set of tires and wheels
I cant wait.....
I'll trow this out there and If Tom or John want to add or change they can give me a call.

No screws or spikes in the bolt on classes. Run any kind of ATV tire. No cut tires.

Spikes or screws in the open and unlimited classes....

Keep in mind...we want to set up some races to get more people with twinns racing without having to send tons of money to do so.
works for me
That's what I would think. Most bolt on bikes still have stock tires.
less than 30 days :huh:
Holy damn that is right huh!:eek: Man time flys!
I've got my new stuff mocked up and laid out, everytime I think I got everything......"well crap, I forgot to order such and such". Wait 3-4 days for that to come in, then realize in order for that to work.....need to order that other whatchamacallit :mad::rolleyes:

next week and a half aint nothing happening because of work
I can't wait but not nearly ready either lol
mark, if ya dont make it u got an extra week for the other race, plus u got the p!

Fri., Sat., and Sun

70's and sunny, lows at night in the 50's
Track update:

It's laid out, all sensors and beams installed

Need to hook them up and test it

track is 300' and each lane 33' wide

it will have 60' times and mph
SWEET!!! Bout to bust, ready to turn er loose.
Sweet deal T! I was really wanting to make this. Even worse now after that weather forecast:eek:
general info:

Dale couldn't get a food vendor, so bring some chow.

Grills are welcomed, if you wanna cook out

Porta potties will be there Wed.

The only racing is to be on the track. we will have a makeshift track set up next to the main one for anyone needing to do some general testing.

YOU MUST wear a helmet on both tracks

No racing or high speeds on other parts of the property......don't mind you riding around it. Don't want to see the fields being torn up or groups of people racing
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