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My Mojave Lives!

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Okay here is the Mojave I traded for a couple months ago, I got it together and running once and the rear cam gear loosened up and the cam stopped so it stopped. I fixed the gear and used red loctite and torqued the bolts down on them as hard as I could without using a breaker bar,.

Anyhow I got it back together and here it is! I have it completely together now and will have pics and vids up soon enough. In the past two days I have ran it many hours and the more I ride it the more I love it.

I completely assembled this one from a bare frame, and had the motor down to the bottom end to check everything. This little sucker is sweet. There will be tons of Videos and pics to come.

Mods list so far!

0.20 over 11.5:1 Wiseco Piston
Jetted Carb
White Brothers E-Series exhaust
Maier Race cut front and Maier hood
Adjustable Durablue axle currently +3
Billet Parking brake Block off plate
Pro Taper Se Black bars
ODI xtreme grips
Honda Throttle with custom cable. Monster Throttle cap
Modded rear shock from something else! LOL
D.I.D O-Ring chain from a BB edition yfz450

More to come im sure!

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It's good to finally hear it run.

Which Durablue do you have? I thought they only made a 2+2 for these. Unless you are running one spacer on the inside and the other on the outside:lol:. I'd actually like get some custom spacers made up, so I can split them and run different widths.
I am running one spacer on the inside. Spacer looks to be 1.5" though so that would be 3" for both. Yes It is great to hear it run. Think were gonna ride some snow here later tonight after I get some stuff done.
Ok, my spacers are only about an inch a piece.

These are great in the snow. They love to rev to the moon, so the two go together nice.
You aint kidding. I mean they feel good down low but once you get it up top they scream. Its like you think its close to the rev limiter but it keeps on going :rock: By far the best 250 4stroke atv ever made.
Rev limit is around 10k on a stock one. You should try it with cams, ss intake valves, and a KLR cdi, I think mine is good to 14k.

Drag racing is great too. I love the 0-350 4stroke class they have by me. They let you change air filters, slip on pipe, tires, and lower it. I don't know if I've ever truly lost because of the other quad. Usually it's a missed shift or red light. I've beaten a 250ex by almost 1 second in 300 feet:lol:. The DS 250 was a joke too, even the Raptor 250 and 350 don't put up much of a fight. Sadly I don't get to make it to many events due to other things take up too much of my time.
14k:eek: That is sweet! Bet that would be fun as hell!
Man first kick thats awesome just tried to do a rebuild on mine for the first time and it HOPEFULLY needs a new coil and nothing else now for it to start ill post a vid. Also i looked up just the part number on cheap cycle parts and coils come up anywhere from 5 dollors to 130 do you know any honda or any other coils that work. I really dont want to spend the 70 dollors just for a coil
I am thinking most coils are similar enough. I took one from a junky cool sports 150 chinese made quad and it works perfect on my wifes 250X. Wait I just used the wire though so IDK!:confused:

Hey Mojavekid! Would you be interested in trading your Black Maier hood for a green one that is in perfect condition? I want a black one to break up some of my Green.
No i think im gonna stay with mine. That sucks that your looking for one though because i think they stopped making them right? Anyways i would just paint yours
You can still find them here and there. I would paint it but the hood is in great shape with hardly any scratches. Plus it would just chip off.
You can still get the screened hood in black but the smoothie hood is no longer made. I have a stock black one for $15 and the ride its yours if you want it. You would be able to mount your head light back in the proper location.
I have a Black stock hood that came with the Mojave. I like the screened hood look I would just like a Black hood to break it up alittle.
KFX you have a smooth hood you don't want? or did I misread that?
No its not a smoothie hood, The one I have on it is a Maier Screened scoop hood. I also have a stock Hood. I would like to get rid of my Green Maier Screened scoop hood and buy a black one just like it.
Fixed reverse today. No more then I rode it I couldnt stand the redrag not working. Just a little cable adjustment and there it went. I need to get the light working now. Other then that light and the tail light the Mojo is 100% functional like it should be.

Oh and I forgot and ran 87 octane in it. Drained the tank and filled up with 93. Much better now!
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